7 Dental Helps Tips You Need To Learn.

Your dental practice these show for  existing and aspiring dentists to take  your dental practice to the highest possible level I’m your host Jonathan  van Rijn CPA and abv founder of Dennis metrics calm in every episode we aim to demystify the how to start a dental helps  dental practice problem by bringing on world-class dentist influencers and consultants in the dental industry to  pick. 

Their brain about how to get past the barriers involved from going from no practice to being a practice owner to  owning your own successful dental practice the one thing that separates the just-okay dental practices from the top performing dental practices is a  great front desk now it’s not the end-all be-all but it’s absolutely critical to get the front desk right in order to be able to have the maximum amount of patients come through  receive.

The maximum of that of production unfortunately it’s just not easy to get this right new employees come and go and then the training in the front is usually pretty neglected there’s a million things that need your  immediate attention so you don’t really have time to be training someone on the front that often the reality is your front desk is often the life of the practice it’s the first touch Instagram point for both new and old patients and so today’s  guest has mastered the art of front desk training and has helped hundreds of practices improve.

Their bottom line through intensive online front desk training Laura hash is the founder front office Rox an online education training program designed to help dental  practices train their front desk staff but therefore videos is one of the go-to resources if you’re looking to train your front desk staff first there are a few things you’re gonna hear about the one thing you should never say when answering the phone why most dental  practices fail with customer service.