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full coverage dental insurance no maximum a blend of mercury and silver which allowed dentists to fill cavities fast but fillings would only really become successful when dentists also had the means to quickly and effectively remove full coverage dental insurance no maximum  the decay professor .

Tim Watson of King’s College London has collected together some historic dentists tools to demonstrate just how

difficult drilling was in the past what would they do to me if I went to a dentist th century what if you had a cavity that needed working on or filling then they would’ve used hand instruments this is an example of a hand drill so this

Victorian piece of Victorian period put that into the end of it and then that twists you twist it between your fingers and that way you can then remove the decay don’t have a go whatever go yes thank you but that over that finger that’s right very good dentist okay and it just sort of rests in there that’s right and then I stick it in someone’s mouth

carefully yes carefully yes and you don’t I just stabbed them okay it would be really quite tricky to use and it would only work actually in the very soft decay it wouldn’t cut the sound surface of the tooth at all it’s no wonder that

Victorian dentists had such trouble drilling teeth by hand on a mineral hardness scale tooth enamel ranks as tougher than steel so this is very very slow what came after this well there were various inventions of mechanical ways to

drive the burr around quicker but the thing that revolutionized dentistry was a development of the treadle dental engine let’s see here that’s more and what we have here is a handpiece and mechanical drive and that was powered by a treadle which was foot operated so how fast would this go Oh quite a lot faster you’re in .