Latest humana dental plans for seniors

You humana dental plans for seniors well I say the first thing you have to  humana dental plans for seniors do is find out a.

humana dental plans for seniors
humana dental plans for seniors
  • the first thing you have to do is check the patient’s eligibility and checking eligibility is not hey this person has .
  • This plan and yes they’re active it really is you have to check the codes and so sometimes you can get that information online from
  • The insurance company and sometimes you have to call and get the details but if you you like in your practice
  • you like to have these x-rays taken then you need to find out how and when they’re covered so that you can talk to the patient so

We’ll go back to I can’t just write it off you can’t just write off x-rays either so if you need an x-ray then this is where you have to build this relationship with the patient and say .

I need to take this x-ray it’s going to cost you this much money because it’s you your x-ray is not covered or you can send me the x-rays that you had at other doctor’s office if and if they’re readable and diagnoseable then we’ll try to use those but what you have to do is have .

the information so you can make the decision because a we already said you can’t just write it off B you have to inform the patient of what the cost will be and see you find out if the information is already there maybe just somewhere else and maybe you .

Can acquire that information so that those are that’s really what I want to say to that but it all starts with asking the question per code on the eligibility eligibility if you’re really going to get into that detail you cannot do it the same day you cannot do any patient.

walks in the door as a matter of fact sherry and I you know the gospel of Sharon Jen is eligibility at minimum hours in advance yeah because if you’re going to get information so detailed about certain codes that takes time that takes time and we address .

A lot of this on our first webinar so how can you get paid eligibility talk to the patient’s see what’s already been covered see when their last x-rays have been see if they can get the other ones and ask your insurance companies do they consider it for bitings pas.

a full series automatics do they what do they pay a piano on the same day as an FM X you have to ask these questions because you can’t just take it and and not post it or not .

share with the insurance company that you took it you can’t just do it because you want to do it there must be a and this is this is actually and this is this is actually where you have to differentiate between insurance