The Truth About Renaissance Dental

If you also look at your age Renaissance Dental  groups you know if you’re in the to plus age group you know maybe the newspaper is the right advertising medium for you as opposed to you know if you’re in the lower you know the the age group you know the Instagram might be a great option for you so.

I also think the  pictures that you use you know if you’ve got an  older practice you would use pictures of the older couple if you’ve got family practice you would use family pictures so there’s a lot you can pull from that yeah yeah it’s much like.

Renaissance Dental I said this is my this is my go-to report when I walk into an office I want to see  this before I see almost anything else because this tells me staff and company you know how many active patients do you have will tell you how many how much you need and staff okay.

What patients without a first visit usually are the responsible party so more than likely if we see something like that that means  we’ve marked them as a patient either we need to get them rescheduled or scheduled or we need to unmask.

Them as a patient if they’re truly a responsible party Renaissance Dental correct true and the only other option is they could new patients who you scheduled yesterday and just haven’t come in yet but that’s kind of unlikely and you may have  new patients who have you’ve scheduled who have a future appointment so if that numbers can be skewed off by by new patients okay.

All right and what determines a new patient and evil soft well depends on the report you’re running so and again we’ll talk about a different report I never use the new patient reports and Eagles often yeah  I’m kind of a rebel about this but I never use the reports in Eagles off to show many patients because what I want to see is how many patients came in for a particular procedure so when I think new patients V isit site more detail Renaissance Dental